Develop Human Resource Departments at Government Sector

Government Sector is public service Sector with the unique challenge of tackling issues that will affect everyone they employ. With the constant flux, growing demand, and changes to budgets and government funding, sometimes, it feels as though you and your team are investing your energy in a constantly moving target. Even if your department or division is established, the challenges you face as an organization have less common ground than most organizations.

Implement A Performance Management HR Plan

The concept of performance management HR plans is often misunderstood. Performance management is designed to support a collaborative work environment, where managers and employees work together to plan, monitor, and analyze company and individual goals. It is an empowering method of accountability, where everyone comprehends what “finished” looks like—and how much farther they have to go.

When there is a crystal clear plan of action, and everyone is accountable for their contribution, efficiency is an immediate byproduct. While the entire team may not fully comprehend the whole “big picture”, the goal is to ensure a holistic understanding of how every team member’s contribution has an impact that extends far beyond their job duties.

Define The Organizational Culture

You may be a government entity, whose functions are often one small piece of a larger system—but you are still a distinct organization. This means you must have a different internal culture, which supports the overall culture of your agency, group, or division as a whole. Start by identifying the keywords and essential attributes you want to come to mind when someone thinks of your division, then infuse those core competencies into every decision, plan, and goal.

Make sure your team can speak to the objectives of your company culture, and that everything from recruiting, succession planning, employee reviews, and project goals are aligned with your individual agency culture.

Diversify The Team, And Get To Know Your Team

As a service agency, your employees are a member of the community you serve. This means that their work is not just work, but is often personal. To best help your dual internal and external consumer, you must know your customer, and make sure your team is an accurate reflection of your community. Even if your division works in a capacity whose impact is indirect or far removed from your community, there is no one better than your team to ensure you stay in touch with the actual needs of those you serve and advocate on behalf of.

Revise The Pipeline, And Redefine Leadership

Succession planning is an effective means of engaging and retaining your team, but the current trend in HR is to redefine the role of managers and leaders. For decades, the concept of manager vs. leader has been an aspiration, but now it is an expectation. A leader leads by example encourages two-way communication and accepts constructive feedback. Each of these attributes is essential for ground-breaking innovation. To transition your management team into the modern leaders required to remain competitive in the local and global industry, you must revise your pipeline to promote and recruit your desired skill set—and to train and champion the managers who successfully transition into groundbreaking leaders.

The HR team within every government agency must effectively balance the needs of their team with the needs of the organization, all in a manner that puts the local community first. This balance can be challenging, which is why the Change Management team is here to help. We can contribute to design your HR department from scratch, or develop your current team to ensure you are prepared to deliver maximum performance and results.

How We Can Help You?

At Change Actions Consulting, we can help you develop, implement, and maintain your start-to-finish HR transformation. We will not only help you identify your new best practices, strategies, and structure, but we will create a detailed HR delivery model. We are changing management experts, who will help to minimize the disruption of implementing significant changes. We do this by making incremental changes, and by creating the clear communication channels to ensure your team is aligned with these changes. Once your HR transformation is complete, we are happy to check in periodically to make minor improvements as your business continues to grow and expand.

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