The Saudi National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 Model

The Saudi National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 Model is designed as a nationwide, proactive approach to safeguarding the economy. It is intended to achieve an “indirect economic outcome,” by taking a systematic approach to aligned goals, policies, and objectives. To best prepare for success, several ministries, institutions, and government entities have implemented a restructuring process, which is designed to trickle down and have a positive impact on both public and private organizations. While each group maintains their individual goals and objectives, alignment helps to improve performance, create new jobs, and strengthen the economy.

Implementing Proven Systems For Success

While every organization and industry are unique, there are proven business structures and systems that increase efficiency—and deliver measurable results. The goal of NTP is to ensure that proven systems are in place, that support both individual company goals—as well as relevant national targets.

Implementing proven systems for success accelerate internal objectives and goals; which ultimately increases revenue and allows organizations to explore innovations. Growth and innovations improve job security and help to safeguard the economy as a whole.

Strategic Objectives

The NTP is designed to take a strategic and targeted approach to achieving both individual and aligned goals. It is a structured and systematic approach that built with safeguards designed to reduce the likelihood of common roadblocks. Clearly defined and fully transparent short-term and long-term goals ensure accountability and help organizations to identify what is and is not effective. The first phase of economic goals is slated to be complete by 2020 and continue to evolve with improved systems and aligned goals to be achieved by 2030.

Aligned Goals And National Priorities

NTP’s aligned goals are designed to create a more desirable culture, but also to provide meaningful and sustainable public benefits. The initiatives are not intended to infringe upon an organization or industry’s innovations, but to unify, align, and simplify the path to success—and accelerate the delivery of improved public programs. Industry divides the aligned goals and ensures that each organization actively engages in enhancing the quality of life—and economic standing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Progress for each program will be monitored, reviewed, and evaluated for success.

You Do Not Have To Go It Alone— Change Management Services For Successful NTP 2020 Integration

At Change Actions we find that most industries and organizations are eager to fulfill their role in strengthening our economy and improving public benefits—not to mention benefiting from the accelerated results that come with improved internal operations. Although ready and willing, many organizations are overwhelmed by the changes that need to take place—and only don’t know where to begin. This is precisely where the expertise of a change management team can prove invaluable.

Streamline Change And Minimize Disruption

Our goal is not only to help you align and comply with the NTP 2020 Model but to simplify the process. Change can be rolled out in an efficient and integrated manner, designed to minimize disruption—and maximize results. Your change management agent will be with you every step of the way.

The NTP 2020 Model is designed to be beneficial for all. It encourages intention, opposed to accidental success. It creates structure and promotes accountability. It supports innovation and accelerates growth. It creates unity and alignment, designed to benefit the nation as a whole.

The NTP Model requires change, but change is the only way to remain competitive and sustainable—both nationally and globally. If you are ready to effective positive change, we are here to facilitate your goals.


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