HR & Payroll Outsourcing To Streamline Your Business

HR & Payroll are two essential components of running any business. While both are essential, neither require a full in-house team. As small and mid-size businesses throughout Saudi Arabia continue to look for ways in which they can increase productivity, streamline operations, and save time and money, HR and Payroll outsourcing are at the top of the list.

WHAT Can You Outsource?

You can outsource both payroll and HR, or either payroll and HR. Outsourcing is appealing for many reasons:

  • New business owners outsource so they need not learn the new skill set.

  • Established companies outsource so they can invest more labor hours in serving their internal and external clients.

  • All businesses outsource because it saves valuable time and money.

WHY Outsource?

When Change Actions manages your HR and Payroll, we will do more than remove responsibilities from your plate, but we will alert you to areas of opportunity, and help you refine your internal operations. By outsourcing, you have industry experts at your fingertips.

What is important is that you select a trusted team who will ensure compliance on your behalf. In fact, guaranteed compliance is one of the primary reasons businesses owners outsource.

No more late paychecks, no more navigating benefits questions, no more compliance fines, no more software upgrades for payroll and HR, and no more running in circles creating effective policies and procedures.

Where Should You Outsource?

Outsourcing does not mean that you eliminate your HR department entirely. The HR team’s responsibilities go far beyond what they did 10 or 15 years ago. Their role in maximizing your human capital is essential to your success.

We can lighten your load, allowing your HR team to focus on improving your core competencies while removing some of the standard and less essential HR responsibilities from your internal operations.

Alternatively, let us do it all!

WHEN Should You Outsource?

Any time is an optimal time to outsource, but most organizations make the move when struggling with compliance issues, are in a period of growth, or have identified inefficiencies they are unable to efficiently resolve. Some start-ups also choose to outsource right from the beginning, so all labor hours are invested solely in developing your team and serving your client.

HOW Do You Outsource

You determine what extent of your tasks must be outsourced, and which areas will save the most time and money. The benefits of outsourcing will be apparent immediately. It provides you access to the most up-to-date tools and technology, gives you an impartial outside perspective into HR policies and procedures, ensures payroll compliance is maintained and improves recruitment.

WHO Will Benefit From Outsourcing?

The benefits of outsourcing payroll and HR extend to all businesses: start-ups, well-established businesses, growing businesses, and even firms that have executed their own HR and payroll in-house for many years. Outsourcing lightens your load and ensures that compliance is no longer of concern.

Outsourcing Payroll and HR Provides Benefits You Never Imagined

Most companies reach out to Change Actions to streamline their internal operations. We are a team of HR, Payroll, Business, and Change Management Experts. When you outsource your services to our experienced team, we will alert you to additional areas of opportunity in your organization.

From inefficiencies, you have yet to identify, or you know are there but aren’t sure how to resolve—our dedicated team partners with you to strengthen your foundation and improve your productivity.

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