Developing A High Impact Service Delivery Model

The role human resource play in growing, expanding, and strengthening your organization cannot be underestimated. Human resources is an entirely different industry today, compared to that of 20 years ago. Its role in the success of your company goes far beyond hiring and retention, to that of maximizing your most valuable assets—your staff.

Financial Capital Vs. Human Capital

Financial capital is where most conversations regarding business begin. While money is essential, it is easy to get caught up in the numbers—meaning that sometimes the value of your team falls by the wayside. An excellent example is when downsizing occurs at the first signs of trouble. While saving a salary or two may provide you with a lower labor line, it may also leave you with a gap in service delivery, often more than what you are saving in labor.

Where Most Service Delivery Models Fall Short

Service delivery models improve efficiency and effectiveness in your day-to-day operations. But what exactly does that mean? Depending on where your current areas of opportunity are, the answer will vary. The end goal is to create systems and procedures, with results you can monitor and measure. However, most service delivery models fall short, because they are not strategic enough, because not enough variables are being measured, or because the wrong variables are the priority.

For example, it is easy to focus only on turnaround times and cost reduction. While both are essential pieces of the puzzle, they are only small factors that must be considered. If your service delivery model is built only with these two pieces in mind, you just will not achieve maximum results.

A Strategic Approach To Service Delivery

To deliver the desired results, you must look at the whole picture and focus, first, on how you can best support your team.

Whether delivery is good and you want it to be great, or delivery has taken a nose dive—you need to create new or fine-tune current strategies.

For example, if your business is in a growth spurt, your team probably will not be able to deliver consistent results, without a few changes; This could include everything from investing in new technology, exploring new tools for communication and organization to creating or upgrading systems and operations.

Training Your Team

Efficiency and effectiveness must also be top of mind when you implement your new service delivery model. Some of your new strategies will affect the entire team while others will only result in smaller groups. A quick email of the changes is unlikely to be enough to motivate your team, or to ensure they are all on the same page. Invest time in training your team, and understand it may take time before they are up to full speed.

Where Does Outsourcing Come In To Play?

One of the fastest growing trends in service delivery is outsourcing work to contractors or vendors. There are mixed feelings about the role that outsourcing should play in service delivery model, but you must remember “outsourcing” can describe a multitude of vendor services. Outsourcing can be used to ensure your full-time onsite team is placing their time where it is most valuable. When considering outsourcing, identify cost-saving solutions from experts, who do not possess a skillset you have on staff—or for a service that does not warrant a full-time employee or team.

Do You Need A New Service Delivery Model?

There is always room for improvement in your systems and operations, even if only in ensuring they are built with ongoing growth in mind. However, your service delivery model must be analyzed each quarter and adjusted, at least, once each year. More frequent adjustments are needed as you add new products or services, as business increases, and as new positions and teams are developed.Times of change require more than an email detailing the new systems, and the systems must be built from support-centered strategies and tactics.

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