The Voluntary Mentorship Program

Entering into a Mentorship with a senior HR professional provides invaluable insight beyond your experience. Give yourself the edge with the support and guidance of a mentor. Whether you need advice or a sounding board, a mentor can inspire and guide you.


Change Actions membership gives you access to potential HR mentors from across the province and in every industry, sector, and human resources discipline.


Whether you are a new HR professional looking for career advice or a mid-career professional looking for guidance on moving up the ladder or into another area of HR practice, finding a mentor and becoming a mentee has many benefits.


Benefits to the Mentor
  • Enables further development of mentoring skills eg. providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills

  • Provides a sense of personal and professional satisfaction

  • Enables you to give back to the profession and contribute to Australia's HR Association

  • Mentoring hours qualify as a part of CPD hours

  • You get to stay in touch with emerging issues relevant to less experienced HR professionals


Benefits to the Mentee
  • Access to a support system during critical stages of your career development

  • An insider's perspective on navigating your career

  • Clearer understanding and enhancement of career plans

  • Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences

  • Direct access to powerful resources within your profession

  • Identification of skill gaps

  • Greater knowledge of career success factors

  • The foundation of a lasting professional network



Who Should Apply?

You should apply for this program if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • I am currently working in HR and looking to extend my knowledge in specific HR topics and areas

  • I am currently working in HR and want to progress my career to the next level of HR

  • I am currently studying HR and in my 3rd or final year of studies. I want to take the next step towards my career in HR

  • I am currently working in a Non-HR role with elements of HR and want to transition into an HR role

  • I am an experienced HR professional with more than 4 years HR experience and I would like to:

    • have the opportunity to share this knowledge.

    • give back to the HR profession

    • develop further my leadership and mentoring skills

The Mentoring Program has three distinct programs for mentees to choose from:



HR Professionals

R Professionals with a minimum of 12 months HR experience.  There is no maximum*

*Please note: mentees can be experienced HR professionals at all levels and with any number of years HR experience.  If you feel you have room for improvement or want to progress your career but are not sure if the program is for you please contact mentoring on +966 13 330 8578  to discuss.

Program Duration: 12 months

New to HR

People who have recently commenced working in HR (HR Professionals with less than 12 months HR experience).

Program Duration: 12 months

New move into HR

People who are looking to move into HR but not currently working in this field.  This includes HR Graduates and people wanting to transition from another role into an HR role.

Program Duration: 12 months

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Mentees need to choose the program which best suits them and then complete the respective online application form (see below).


If you are not sure which program is right for you please contact or +966 13 330 8578 for further clarification.


Mentors can choose which program/s they would prefer* to mentor their mentee/s in when they are completing their online application.


*The matching committee will do their best to meet these requests but cannot guarantee the mentee category that the mentor will be match with a mentee from their preferred category.


Mentors can choose to have one or two mentees per intake. They should consider carefully the time requirement involved in mentoring and ensure that they have adequate time to give to more than one mentee. It is recommended to spend at least 1 hour per month per mentee, but personal requirements should be considered. Many mentoring pairs communicate on a more regular basis than the recommended minimum.


If you have questions about the time commitment required for the program please or +966 13 330 8578 for further clarification.





An orientation webinar will be conducted shortly after matches have been announced for all participants.

It will take them through the structure of the program and what to expect including the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees. We try to have a past mentor and mentee on hand for these webinars to allow for any questions participants may have regarding the participation expectations.

We will also endeavor to answer any other questions about the program you may have at the end of the webinar.

An orientation kit will be emailed out to all participants shortly after the program commences and will include a mentoring agreement template, mentee goals document, program Code of Conduct and more.