The Accelerating Implementation
Methodology (AIM)


A Contemporary Change Management Solution Designed to Operationalize Change


The Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) is the signature change management methodology developed by the tenured team at IMA.


It is based on over 30 years of field research, and is designed to allow global organizations to take a structured and systematic approach to creating organizational readiness for change—to operationalizing change.


It is an accessible model, that can be applied within every industry, within organizations of all sizes and tenure, and within organizations anywhere in the world.

Why the AIM Change Management Model is Effective


There are endless options in change management models, so why choose the AIM model?


Most change management methodologies are developed with a focus on the individual journey of change and don’t emphasize how to practically implement change projects in organizations. They also lack a focus on business outcomes.

While many change models are based on behavioral science principles, they fail to operationalize those principles and to guide users on what to do in everyday situations.  They also don’t emphasize the role of leaders as the reinforcers of a change with their own direct reports—what leaders must do through their actions (express, model, and reinforce).


The AIM model is designed to fill these gaps. AIM is focused on building the change capacity for the organization.



A Proven 10-Step Process to Sustainable Change


The AIM change management model can be used to implement any category of organizational change. It can be scaled and customized for any size or complexity of change. The proven 10-step process can be repeated to further build upon change, but most importantly—it operationalizes change management principles by: 


  • Providing an organizational system with integrated principles, tactics, strategies, tools, and learning programs.

  • Generating durable sponsorship.

  • Providing a reinforcement strategy that supports new performance expectations.

  • Addressing systemic, cultural barriers to change.

  • Developing a communication plan to drive behavioral change.

  • Reducing risk, by taking a proactive approach to the roadblocks of change.


"Accelerate and Operationalize Change with the AIM Change Management Model!"

Change is the one constant in business, and without an effective model for implementing accelerated change - you will be left behind.


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