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Change Management Interventions

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect in all aspects of organizational change. Even as a tenured executive, you are likely unfamiliar with the uncertainty and inevitable change that accompanies mergers and acquisitions. While there is a level of uncertainty surrounding any organizational change, the Change Actions team will help you to prepare and plan for the unexpected and respond to the inevitable changes in a professional and systematic manner.

Regardless of what side of the merger or acquisition you are on, we can help to ease the process—and work towards a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Mergers & Acquisitions
The AIM Model

The Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) model is what we use to devise a personalized approach to change management. We use this model during mergers and acquisitions to:

  • Ease anxiety

  • Commit to change

  • Weight consequences

  • Maximize benefits

  • Manage resistance

  • Develop communication channels

  • Align your team

  • Prepare for the unexpected

  • And more!

Minimize Stress And Successfully Navigate Times Of Major Change

Your impending merger or acquisition is underway in the hopes of expanding, strengthening, or diversifying your company. While these changes are met with excitement, they are often met with great levels of anxiety and stress. Take a proactive approach to organizational disruption by meeting challenges head on. IMA will help you to open up the required lines of communication between both your internal and external customers. We will also help you to plan and prepare to ensure that your business is solid and sound during your time of transition.

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